Sunday, December 13, 2009

me, cass,su ann and my cousin went to watch 'Zombieland ' in was boring..ok..bye..

Monday, August 24, 2009


A man was born on 22 August 1964..he looks almost like me..he is funny,kind,helpful,generous,smart and everything about him is great..that is why i love him so so much..he is...
My Dad

Michael Cheam Tatt Seng

this is my daddy..trying to act cool i guess..=p

this photo is when i was 9 years cute..especially my sis..hahah


2005..i am not in it coz i look funny..and fat..


mum and dad..

my favourite family photo..2009..

b4 we left..mum took a pic of me and rex..

my father's silly kids to love to fight..haha...(she started it 1st)=p

my mum and the b'day boy..i mean man..haha

the girls or gals in the hse..=p

my family..

after dinner,we celebrate my dad's b'day..he hept smiling..

family photo..btw,the lady in pink my grandma..

his cake..and his sounds abit wrong..=p

my dad..

mother and son..

sis,dad and me..

my dad and me...

sis,dad,cousin bro and me..dun mind him..he doesnt smile much..

i laugh at this part..coz..when we are singing for him..he wa singing was like a sing-along-song for him..

the perfect husbad and wife..

as usual..anything bout food..i'd be the 1st..hehe...

he was serving cakes for all of us..

the 'sexy couple'..haha..

mum was so funny that day..haha..she keep holding the eggs..



Saturday, August 8, 2009

PMR trial

haiz haiz haiz..PMR trial is next scared..and worried..but still have to go through it no matter what..haiz..60 more days to study brain is fried man..i duno what i'm saying now..maybe i am just FAFFING..rox hates it when i use that word..she say is doesnt does..haha..ok la..ntg to talk about ady..night all the form 3 students who are going through PMR just like me..good luck..bye..

Friday, August 7, 2009

happy b'day..again..

Aaliyah Hasnah...

happy birthday to a fren of my sis..i call her gundu..she calls me dungu..we are like good frens..we laugh all the time..she is an amazing dancer..may all ur wishes come true..peace out dude..

Happy B'day...

ON 7th of August..was the day a baby girl was born..she was very fat..very chubby..very annoying..yet she is still my baby sister..well..she is no longer a baby though..but to me..she is..she can make people piss off for the stupid things she have done..but i still love her..and that girl is VANESSA CHEAM XUAN YNG..

this is us when we were babies..look how adorable..i was talking bout me..haha..just kidding..btw..people who is confuse who is is me..and the fat one is her..i am not joking..sorry if too blur..

she always like to raba people..very geli..she thinks my fats are soft..

like to kiss me..which really piss me off..

yet..i still love the way she matter what kind of monster she is..hehe

we are always a team..alomost..eventhough we dont agree on the same thing..but i noe she does understand my feeling sometime..

no matter what comes in our way..we are still same blood..same parents..and same love..

u are alwyas the sis which is annoying..but i got use to it...and i hope u stay that way..

our family photo..which will always stay in our mind no matter what..

wanted to kiss her but i cant...coz i am i slap her..hehe

picture of the day..

this is a message from me to u..
You maybe annoying at times..u piss me off..i always say i hate u..but i dun mean it..i always scold u dumb..i dun mean it either..hope u will be a better person..u are all grown up..know what's right and wrong..dont do the same mistakes that i have done make people proud..achieve in something that u are capable of..dont be something u are who u are..thats what makes u special..u may make me smile sometimes will ur silly face..sometime u r just a trouble maker..but u r our famlilies trouble maker..i will always love u are my matter how much we fight..we curse each other..but in the end..we are still sisters..siblings..and ntg..ntg in the world that can deny we are sisters..happy birthday sa..may all ur wishes come true..make the right decision k..dun be like someone u..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 AFter Party..whohooo..

Yo..sup guys..Yesterday..on 1st of August was our after party..the new boards and the old boards..we had alot of fun last 1st i was at home..waiting for aaliyah after her horse riding..i here is some of the pics I..i mean Manda it out..

me...looking kinda dumb dumb..=p

b4 everything started..i tried to play i know..i cant twist..

alot of people keep looking at my tee..and say they don't want to be my friend..hahah..

me and huey jie..

me and the cute little smacker..wen xin..haha

me looking stupid..showing the meal that i made..i always laugh when i look a this pic..haha..i look kinda slim there..hahaa..

this is jesse passing out drinks .

rosx and asyiqin..i duno where is rox looking at..

everybody yee and the twins..

everybody eating..yum yum..

see..everybody is hungry..

my spoon..i like it..but its pink..gosh..

my cup..

i took a pic of her..she took a pic of me..

i keep taking pic of savina..she looks funny when she offence..haha

the twins..Ai Leen and Ei Leen or Ei Leen and Ai Leen..i duno who is who..they are identical..

yuen wei makan...

pirscy trying to force cass to eat something i guess..

it is still going on..

and on..

blur blur man yee...

look at the way she funny..haha

me and com. service director and ex- com. service director..too bright la..

now better..but worst..cant see..

asyiqin,aaliyah,me and the lif..

now its time to go to the pool..everybody is walking..

me and look stupid there..

me and lia playing pikaboo..but we cant hide behind this tree..haha..

by the pool...savina,cass,hana and su min dun wan to go for a swim..


I didnt have the chance to take off my tee coz manda pushed me in the i was tat..ok lo..just wear it in la..look at my tee..FAT..

guys...look here la..

finally they looked..phoebe,wen xin and huey wern..

smile guys...

everybody sit there so relaxing..

yuen wei is sitting on my shoulder..almost going to fall..

it was a success..whohooo.

wen xin...

phoebe carrying me..haha

now it is su min's turn..i look kinda scary there..haha

and the savina's turn...

then we had a war..see we drop off first..and we won..whoohoo..

huey wern and phoebe..i duno what i'm doing..

wanted to climb on my jie.but tak jadi..

big bos relaxing..haha

i am sitting on the edge. looks like i am on a building..scary man..

me:'dun come close ah..later i jump then u noe'..haha

take one...

take two..

take min.

wen xin..

guess who is this?

phoebe..big eyes...

huey jie..

the secretaries...sab and savina...

su min and wenz.

the twins and yuen wei.

funny pic of su min..
a cute pic of su min..

asyiqin and rox..

huey wern duno messaging with who?

me and priscy..the new president..

wenz playing twister..

savina and su min are playing too..

jesse was messing with the towel..but it is kinda nice though..

rox,me and hair is super brown..

all nuts ady..

about 10 something..eveybody went home..except me,sab,priscy,yuen wei and yee doesnt counts..coz she lives there..

eveyrbody is tired..even priscy..look at jesse..haha.

i am too tired..then i slept..
now..all the pic had been downloaded..we had fun..laughs..and watsoever..i sat sab's dad's car home..reach home bout 11 plus..I am so tired..btw..hope the seniors had a memorible day..bye bye..
peace out yall...